There is a debate among online poker enthusiasts about poker assistant and different types of cheats available online. Certain sections believe that using a software is also cheating, which is false and is proven by the fact that online poker sites allow these tools and they are perfectly legal to use. However, there are some tools and tricks that fall under the banner of cheats. Players have to be careful about selecting the right aids so they don’t catch the ire of poker sites.

Poker Assistant and Tools

Poker assistant

Poker assistant and similar tools are available for an online poker player to assist them in various ways while they play. They are made in accordance with the rules and regulations of online poker rooms. They are basically information collectors that can help give players the statistics they need to improve their online poker game and they don’t cross any legal lines.


In the simplest definition, any program that doesn’t conform to the rules or terms of online poker playing sites is considered as a cheat. There is a clear line between legal tools and cheats if you look at the terms and conditions of the poker room you frequent online. Some programs are clearly banned by websites and using them would compromise your account and you will lose all your winnings as well.

A Fine Line

So how can you differentiate between the cheats and the legal poker software? It completely depends on the website that you use to play poker. The room will have its regulations clearly set out and if it says that a certain type of tool is a cheat then you have to refrain from using it. It is subjective in nature, but the line does exist and you have to be careful not to cross it. The best thing would be to stick to one poker room so you become familiar with all the rules.

As a player, you have to be aware that data mining is legal. It pertains to the tool gathering the data of the hands that players have played. But do make sure that the information is only about the hands that you have played in. Some tools offer users the functionality of predicting the cards in the hands of opponents and automated play; this is completely illegal.


The number of online poker software is increasing every day, and you have to be careful in choosing the right one. You don’t want a tool that will get you into trouble. So look into the features and make sure that they don’t clash with the policy of the poker room. Some developers are putting our tools that are clearly illegal and they are readily available online.

The majority of online players are using poker software to assist them. The tools give stats and calculations that can help players improve their game. Some tools tend to go beyond that and this is where you have to be very careful. Rely on your own poker skills and the stats of the tool, anything beyond that is not desirable. It will create more trouble for you than its worth.